Our Salsa dance lessons are offered every Saturday evening from 7 pm and are operated by Mathieu Manasi, a lover of salsa and its art of living.

Dance lessons cater to all people either they are beginner, intermediate and advanced, children, adolescents or adults who wish to learn to dance salsa or / and who wish to learn new tricks to improve their style of Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Chachacha.

Regardless of your level, we would like you to become passionate and eager to advance. We will take the necessary time to help you to develop your learning.


You have never danced the salsa? You want to start solo or as a couple? This is the right time!

In order to learn how to dance salsa in an easy way with flexibility, we always start our lessons with very simple movements. During the first sessions, we teach you all the basic steps, ideal positions of dance as well as the development of your musical ear.

At the end of a program of eleven lessons, you will have the ability to detect the times and know all the basic phases as well as a good combinations.
Therefore, you will be ready to surprise your partner and move on to the intermediate level.


Our salsa classes are progressive and pedagogic oriented.

It is important that you know all the combinations of the beginner level very intensive, to initiate the intermediate level and be able to progress gradually.

We will also put particular emphasis on 'Leadership',. i.e. the right way to guide, how to lead your partner as well as coordinating your moves on the dance floor.

Note: It is important to know that new combinations are taught at each season.


You are finally ready to expand your technique and dance fully your passion.

In this level, you will learn complex combinations of salsa. You'll discover several techniques of dance as well as tips that will help you improve your working posture and style by refining your musical listening.

During this program, you need to work for more successful patterns and more elaborate figures. You will deepen all Salsa rules so that this dance has no more secrets for you.

After you be freed of these lessons, you will become a fully salsa dancer. You will there fore have confidence in yourself, and participate in all salsa events.